How to Maintain Teeth Veneers

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Dental veneers have become a popular choice for people willing to improve the appearance of their teeth. They represent a quite impressive method of fixing broken or dislocated teeth, regardless of how serious the damage is. Veneers are so thin and so alike natural teeth that no one will be able to even see the difference. Well, if you decided to go for a dental veneers treatment on your teeth, you have surely made the right choice. However, after having the treatment completed, you need to be careful at its maintenance.


Below you can read more about how to maintain your dental veneers.

  • Brush your teeth regularly. This is highly important for their health, as well as the maintenance of your veneers. Actually, keeping plaque away from dental veneers is almost as important as keeping it away from your real teeth.
  • Flossing is highly important, too. People with dental veneers should know that flossing will ensure gum health, maintaining appearance, too.
  • Avoid using your teeth for opening various packages, ripping open a plastic bag, or similar things, as this may lead to serious damage to your dental veneers. They could break or twist.
  • Hard foods such as nuts and ice, should better be avoided, too. They can damage your dental veneers or dislodge them.
  • Having regular checkups at a dentist is a must, as well.
  • In case you practice certain harsh sports, it would be better to wear a protective mouth guard.


Proper oral hygiene is the best way to care for your dental veneers. Forgetting about washing your teeth or being too tired for oral hygiene is not an option. Avoiding staining agents such as tea, smoking and coffee would be a good choice. Veneers are not simple to dislocate, but in the lack of a proper care, they can be damaged.

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